Everyone Needs a Rabbi written by Carol

A beautiful story by Carol


I have a lot of Jewish friends and when I shared with them about some of the problems I was having they insisted I meet their Rabbi and talk over my concerns with him. They seemed so enthusiastic about how much he had helped them. As an Israeli citizen he has a different cultural perspective from the 21st century american paradigm. I was told He was a prolific writer, well traveled, and richly resourced. Considering the high recommendations I made an appointment to see him. I enjoyed talking with him. He listened without judgement and his advice was stunning, brilliant and actually worked. I grew to trust him as I received amazing solutions to my most perplexing problems. My other friends noticed the changes in me and wanted to know what happened. They were eager to hear about the person who produced such a dramatic transformation in my life.                     I want to share Him and what He has done for me with everyone. My greatest tender, new friend…..Rabbi Jesus


A Life Without Jesus

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