The “Little Way”

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The Little Way of Saint Therese of The Child Jesus


Feast day October 1st (1873-1897)

 Saint Therese is very special to me. She is my friend . I pray for the intersession of Saint Therese and I try miserably every day to emulate her “Little Way.” Saint Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897) was the last of nine children born to Saints Louis and Zelie Martin in Alencon,  France. Her family was devoutly religious, and all five daughters entered the convent. From an early age she desired to give herself totally to Jesus. Her Happy Childhood gave way to the trial of the death of her mother when she was four years old. She also suffered a strange illness that brought her near death. Her sisters prayed for her recovery,  and Therese was completely healed after she saw the Virgin Mary statue in her room smile down on her. Just before her 14th birthday, on Christmas Eve Therese had mystical experiences of the Child Jesus. At the age of 15 she obtained special permission to enter the the Carmalite convent in Lisieux  where her two sisters were professed. Recognizing her youth and weakness, and unable to do the great things for God her heart desired she would follow the path of spiritual childhood at the feet of Jesus, as his “Little Flower” and instead focus on small acts of kindness for love of Jesus and interior acts of self-denial , a spirituality called “The Little Way.” Therese died of tuberculosis at the age of 24, and her high degree of holiness was discovered through her autobiography, Story of a Soul. Her Little Way become influential around the world, her deep theological life caused Pope St. John Paul II to declare her a doctor of the Church, even though she was not a learned scholar.                       She is the patron against sickness, tuberculosis, and loss of parents, as well as of pilots, air crews, florist, missionaries and the sick.                                                                   Saint Therese of Lisieux pray for us

                          Saint Matthew 18:4  

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inspirational insights and meditations by Carol:

                      Wilderness  Journeys

Are you in  a wilderness experience ???                                                                              Are you in a strange,  new bewildering set of circumstances that are completely disorienting?  

Wilderness experiences seem to be times of deeper dependency and intimacy with God. When we are in a state of “God dependency” we can feel very humbled we are no longer in control. We tun around trying to find wells, streams, oasis, because water is very important in a desert wilderness. In a strange land you don’t know where the wells are —these sources of  life, nourishment, strength and relief. You believe that you are alone, then God shows up and either brings you to a well or one shows up. The Living Water  is the well, beside the well, journeying with you to the well.   All is well at his Well.        Written by Carol 



The Samaritan Woman
The Samaritan Woman










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